Guest blog: Stronger together

I wrote this about community: why it matters, and how we can all help create it.

Nature Vibezzz

Stronger together

‘You don’t get that many opportunities to do things with other people who aren’t either the people you work with, or your family, and there aren’t that many activities that aren’t just about spending money. So it’s nice to be outside and doing something for the community.’ – local volunteer, interviewed at Nature Vibezzz’ Knight’s Hill Wood regeneration project, May 2017

I volunteered with Nature Vibezzz the morning I woke up and heard that Trump had been elected. I felt the need to do something, however small, to try and create the kind of world I wanted to live in – and I knew that sounding off on Twitter or signing online petitions wasn’t enough. So I went to and searched for organisations that were doing the kind of work I believe in: environmental (I’m a writer who mostly writes about nature), grassroots, cross-cultural and…

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