Melissa Harrison

Episode Four: Mystery

Join Melissa as she listens for nightingales on a dark, moonless night. It’s the end of April, and in Suffolk the lilacs are in bloom. We hear from Jini Reddy, whose book Wanderland: A Search for Magic in the Landscape is about to be published. Please support indie bookshops and order from them online.

‘Prayer’ is from Mean Time © Carol Ann Duffy (Picador, 2013). Reproduced by permission of the author c/o RCW Ltd., 20 Powis Mews, London W11 1JN

The Stubborn Light of Things
Series One
Episode Four: Mystery



I am a nature writer and novelist, and I’m lucky enough to be able to walk out of my cottage straight into Suffolk’s beautiful open countryside. As spring breaks over the British Isles, and summer settles in, I’ll be documenting the wonder and richness of the natural world and bringing it into as many homes as I can.

There’ll be guest spots from other nature lovers, extracts from my monthly Nature Notebook columns in The Times, and snippets from the diaries of Gilbert White, England’s most famous naturalist. Listen each week to stay in touch with the outside world, the weather, and the changing seasons.

NB: I live, walk and work alone; remote audio production and editing is by Peter Rogers. All social distancing regulations are being followed, and government advice will be adhered to.


The Stubborn Light of Things is written, narrated and recorded by Melissa Harrison

Audio production and editing, music, and additional performances by Peter Rogers

With thanks to: Faber & Faber